The Mystic Elixirs & Potions Cocktails

Pick your poison at St Pancras!

Sorcerers at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel have conjured up an Elixirs and Potions cocktail menu to charm witches and wizards

Guests can discover the range of tinctures, filled with trickery and surprises, in The Booking Office Bar & Restaurant, the original ticket hall that now serves as the hotel’s atmospheric bar and restaurant.  Served inside a medicine bottle, the Camouflage Coupette will help wish away the day’s stresses, combining a heady mix of pickme-ups including gin, Cointreau, absinthe and lemon juice, and will stupefy as the solution changes hue. Tee-Hee, inspired by the typical prohibition libation of the Sazerac and infused with N₂O, will put a smile on diners’ faces.

The Elixir of Love, a dazzling sharing punch presented inside a cauldron, combines amaretto, Chambord, vodka and lemon juice, and emits aromas of essential oils unique to the guests’ preferred taste in an enchanting display. The Minty Toad For The Road, a wizarding take on the after dinner mint, infuses a hit of peppermint liqueur inside a rich dark chocolate frog. Witches and wizards-in-training are not forgotten with the range of mocktails on offer. The Lemon Bomb, fiery in both taste and sight, will enchant and amaze children, whilst the Butterscotch Brew, a tankard brimming with salted caramel, butterscotch and bubbles, is the perfect concoction for the sweet-toothed.

The Booking Office

With its high ceilings, neo-gothic architecture and old church arches, The Booking Office provides an ethereal backdrop adding to the menu’s magic.

Check the Elixirs and Potions Cocktail Menu

Available from Monday 9th October to February 2018
Prices from £5 - £14
Opening hours: Mon / Tues / Wed: 6.30am – midnight Thurs / Fri / Sat: 6.30am – 1am Sun: 7am - midnight
For more information or to book please call  020 7841 3566